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Multitester Avometer Digital DT-830B

Rp 33.000,00

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Multitester Avometer Digital DT-830B
Kondisi : BEKAS

dimensi : 120mm x 65mm x 20mm

DT830B 3 1/2 digital multimeter, the most popular type of digital multimeter, fully meet the general requirements. Large electronics colleges, computer, information specialty excellent student internships supplies. Applicable to laboratories, factories, schools, hobby, electricians, home and DIY users.
Product Type: DT830B (compliance with CE / GS)
Full compliance with the GS / CE standard DT830B
3 1/2 digit LCD screen, the maximum display value 1999
Low voltage symbol display
. Overload protection
Diode and triode measure
. Battery Measurement
-------------------------------------------------- -----
[Function] --------- [Range] --------- [Accuracy]
DC Voltage: 200mV-600V [ (1% + 2dgt)]
AC Voltage: 200-600V [ (1.5% + 2dgt)]
DC Current: 200uA-10A [ (1.2% + 2dgt)]
- Electrical resistance: 200-2M [ (1.5% + 2dgt)]
Diode: There
Triode tube: there
Power supply: 6F22 9V battery type
Display Size: 18 50mm
Maximum display: 1999
Dimensions: 102 56 27mm

1set DT830B multimeter
2pcs DT830B multimeter kabel
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